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Medical Experts Agree On Efficacy Of Dvt Prevention

…greatest risk for developing a DVT from two to five days after your operation.

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…prevention of adverse drug events (ADEs) is an important patient safety priority. Anticoagulants are among the most common medications causing ADEs.

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DVT and PE remain the most common cause for emergency re-admission and death following joint replacement surgeries.

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…Of 57 patients studied, 13 developed DVT during the 6 weeks after surgery, despite having shown no signs of this complaint while in the hospital.

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The Problem

Orthopedic surgeons are faced with finding alternate solutions for DVT Prevention that does not cause bleeding risks, possible adverse drug events, and that is patient compliant after surgery.

  • No prior non-pharma solution available in the market
  • No DVT patient follow up or education
  • Not patient compliant
  • High staff involvement
  • Excess paperwork leading to increased workload

The Solution

We are the #1 Standard of Care for Othopedic DVT Prevention, providing doctors the most efficient mechanical DVT solution nationwide that increases patient outcomes.


Patients Are Protected By The Most
Compliant Solution In The Nation

Post-Operative Prevention

At home when patient is most
at risk


We Provide The Most Efficient Process
So Your Staff Can Save Time

Efficient process to ensure
lower staff workload

Product delivered via Patient
Direct for faster rehabilitation

Post-operative patient

Patient specialists provide
personal contact to assist
with all product related


A True No Cost Solution For Your

We bill patients In Network

Pre-charged units shipped
directly to patient before

Training and educational
resources available to patient

Unit is easy to use , cordless,
and has bluetooth capability
to monitor progress

Industry Leading Patient Care

Custom Patient Portal branded to you for increased patient compliance and increased outcomes.
  • Custom Patient Portal
  • Phone call before surgery
  • Email follow up
  • Text Follow up with product education
  • 3 Touch post Surgery Follow up
  • Custom Patient Site with Education
  • Product Instructions
  • Patient Tutorial Videos
  • Direct Ship Inventory Management
  • Pre-Charged units

Compression Devices Have
Been Studied for the Last 26 Years

“All the major types of intermittent compression systems are successful in emptying deep veins of the lower limb and preventing stasis in a variety of subject groups.”

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“…mobile compression device with or without aspirin for patients undergoing arthroplasty of a lower-extremity joint provides a noninferior risk for the development of VTE…”

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“…patients managed with aspirin for 3 weeks postoperatively, and on MCD therapy for up to 6 weeks postoperatively experienced superior DVT prophylaxis…”

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The Circul8 is intended to be an easy to use portable system, prescribed by a physician, for use in the home or clinical setting to help prevent the onset of DVT in patients by stimulating blood flow in the extremities (stimulating muscle contractions). This device can be used to:

  • Aid in the prevention of DVT
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Diminish post-operative pain and swelling
  • Reducing wound healing time

Case Studies


Readmissions After Elective Total Joint Arthroplasty

For total hip arthroplasty (THA), the overall pooled readmission rate was 5.6% at 30 days and 7.7% at 90 days…

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Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis in Hospital Patients

Most hospital inpatients are at risk of DVT and the associated complications of fatal or non-fatal pulmonary embolism and post-thrombotic syndrome…

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Thromboprophylacis in Orthopedic Surgery

45% to 80% of all symptomatic VTE events occur after hospital discharge…

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